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President's Message


Dear valuable Customers and Parties concerned,

We, FUTABA Microfinance Plc., based on the official License from National Bank of Cambodia, have started our activities on December 16, 2015, as Micro-Financing Company in the Kingdom of Cambodia by seeing the positive implementation and management as well as the long-term strategic plan in the future, the National Bank of Cambodia granted permission to extend the license to FUTABA for 3 years more on October 22, 2018. As of 2018, it has been  operating for more than 3 years but has been continuously expanding its positive operations day by day, with the cooperation of all managements and staffs, especially the supporting from our customers on the using FUTABA’s products and services.

As of December 31, 2018, FUTABA has 4 Offices such as Head Quarter (including Head Office Branch), Khan Toul Kork Branch, Khan Pur Senchey Bracnh and Krong Chbar Morn Branch with 780 clients whose are receiving loan, and loan portfolio of $ 12,804,808 under 19 Credit Officers, maintained the Portfolio at Risk at Zero (0%) and no client in Loan Written-Off listing. This result did not much increase compared to the achievements in 2017 because during 2018 it is necessary to strengthen its internal controls system by focusing on staff training, skills, revise structure, and update the policies and procedures and also comply with applicable laws or regulations by the National Bank of Cambodia and relevant government institutions.

Our duty we believe is to be the PATHWAY to the Next Generation in the Kingdom of Cambodia, which should be materialized based on our Fair and Transparent Transaction in the field of our Financing Services.

We, FUTABA Microfinance Plc. are funded by the single shareholder in Japan, where we can manage a very swift and flexible decision making for our esteemed Customers. Our intention is to become one of the premier leading Financing Institutions in the Kingdom of Cambodia, in order to contribute to the sustainable development of the Society and Economic Growth for both current and the Next Generation by our creating the stable, transparent Financing markets and a long-term strategic plan that will expansion operation area in other provinces in the Kingdom of Cambodia, which is our sincere wish as well as our goal.

Our Dream is to be of some help to the Customers as well as to the Society to establish the steady financial basement for their bright future.

In addition, we hereby reconfirm our maintaining best services and accountability in a long run, with our dedication to the superior services, which differentiates us from other Microfinance Institutes. Throughout our financing activities, we are proving our philosophy of perfect partnership with our esteemed Customers by our offering the best quality of Financing Proposal with utmost sincerity and professional services which is suitable to each of our esteemed Customers who from time to time are in various situation and different position.

Our esteemed Customers can secure a firm basement for their expanding their Business, through our best services arranged by our committed and knowledgeable Staff who are experts for providing the most suitable financing options to each of the Customers to reach their individual needs.

We, FUTABA Microfinance Plc. do provide various kind of Financing Services, such as Business Loans, Housing Loans, Agricultural Loans, Staff loans, Consumption Loans Employee Loans and Education Loans. And in 2018, FUTABA has developed the new product as Employee Loan focusing on the employees of companies or enterprises with the loan needs. For Staff Loan and Education Loan, offered at a very LOW INTEREST RATE, together with the best Customer Services to contribute to socially enhancing, staff living conditions and human resources development.

Going forward, we, FUTABA Microfinance Plc. are offering full range of Traditional and innovative Microfinance solutions to new and all the existing Customers.

Am looking forward to serving you for materializing all your dreams, where we work together in order to reach our mutual goals, since your dream is our dream, your future is our future.

Lastly, please my esteemed Customers, feel free to contact us whenever needed.
May DREAM COME TRUE to all our beloved Customers, we remain.