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Chairman's Message


The World Bank estimated that in 2019, Cambodia's economic situation will continue to grow at around 7.1%, and could decline by 2020 and 2021, but experts said that the slowdown has not caused much concern as economic growth in East Asia and the Pacific is estimated to decreases as well. There are also some risks, including uncertainty over the ability of Cambodia to export goods to the European market under the EBA tax system, which absorbs 40% of Cambodia's exports. Any slowdown in China's economy as a result of the trade war with the United States will further diminish Cambodia's    economic growth as it relies on foreign directly investment and tourists from China. In terms of inflation, official data from the National Institute of Statistics (NIS) estimate conducted till December 2019 shows that the annual inflation rate may be 2.4% and average annual inflation may be 1.9%. That rate remains stable and is good for macroeconomic management to sustain growth.

We see that the Banking and Microfinance sector in Cambodia, still continue to increasing operations with more efficiently and safety, which can contribute to a more active growth, and according to the National and Economic Statistics by June 2019 showed that there are 46 Commercial Banks, 15 Specialized Banks, 07 Microfinance Deposit Institutions, 75 Microfinance Institutions, 248 Rural Credit Operators, 10 Audit Firms, 4 Third Party Processors, 18 Payment Service Providers, 1 Credit Bureau Cambodia, 06 Foreign Bank Representatives and 2,820 Foreign Exchange Traders. In the same period, as of June 2019, the general currency has increased to 96,247.6 billion Riels, with net domestic assets of the banking sector of 33,548 billion Riels and net foreign assets of the banking sector 62,699.6 billion Riels. We can see that there is continued investment from both local and foreign investors in the banking and microfinance sectors in Cambodia.

This growth has also contributed the Cambodia's economy growth as confidence and investor prospects are strong and positive in Cambodia. As the consequence, we, FUTABA Microfinance Plc. still managed several major achievements such as customer and loan outstanding growth, continuing increase steadily from year to year with positive signs and prosperous for the future. Especially over past 4 years, we could be managed a low rate of Portfolio at Risk (PAR) and no late customers in Written-Off listing, which has been an outstanding result of the credit management on our loan disbursement by each year. This result, with the full participation of all staffs and especially the dedicated by credit department, has made efforts to manage and resolve timely.

In line with the long-term vision and expectations of our Shareholder and Board of Directors, we will be planning a series of annual rollovers with the aim of broadening its potential to cover a wide range of  markets based on shareholder capital injection and borrowing funds to meet the growing demand from clients in local and country growth in current and the future.
As the Chairman, I am pleased hereby to report our brief achievement during the years, especially in 2019 as follows:


    * Total Assets: USD 14,918,134
    * Total Loan Outstanding: USD 13,446,179
    * PAR (Portfolio at Risk): 0.46%
    * Solvency Ratio: 87.35%
    * Total Active Borrowers: 819
    * 04 Branch Offices are operating according to plans with operation areas such as 12 provinces, 41 districts, 155 communes and 357 villages.


We, FUTABA will keep on providing best Products and Services in a long run to our Respectful Customers, so that both customers and us as a Financing Institute can achieve the DREAM together. All the Members  of FUTABA are kindly requested to fulfill his / her mission in full swing, with highest transparency and  responsibility in order to bring the maximum benefit to the esteemed Customers, family and to the Society in the Kingdom of Cambodia.
Our Shareholder in Japan, who is so much eager to contribute to the growth of the Next Generation in the Kingdom of Cambodia, is committing themselves for the bigger injection to FUTABA in the subsequent years coming according to its strategic planning and operational capabilities.

Lastly, I hereby express our heartfelt gratitude once again towards our respectful Customers as well as to all the Level of Authorities inclusive of the National Bank of Cambodia, who kindly collaborated and supported us to manage the sound and transparent activities till now, and in future too.
My all the prosperity and happiness enjoyed by our dear Customers, we remain,