PRODUCTS | Education Loan

Education Loan


. To all parents or guardians of students who have a specific residence in the FUTABA's operating area and are highly willing to allow their children or dependents to pursure higher education after high school (Back II) and those who wish to study all specialized courses in the short - long term.


Product Feature:

  • Loan Size :  Up to  8,000,000 Riel or 2,000 USD
  • Interest Rate : 0.125% per month or 1.5 per year
  • Loan Term : 5 years
  • Collateral : None
  • Admin Fee : None
  • Repayment Mode : Annuity or  Declining  


  • Borrow as Khmer or USD
  • Make your studying successfully
  • Fast and reliable service
  • Lower interest rate with convenience loan condition

Borrower's Conditions:

  • Age from 18 to 65 years old
  • Have permanent location in FUTABA's operation areas
  • Have a good history in society
  • Have a legal employment or business
  • No need properly collateral
  • Willing to pursue higher education or a master's degree

Required documents:

  • ID Card or Family Book or Residence Book or Birth Certificate or Passport
  • Other documents related to Income Sources