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Annual Workshop 2017 & Strategy Plan 2018-2022 of FUTABA

FUTABA Microfinance Plc., organized an Annual Workshop 2017 and Strategic Plan 2018-2022, on 16-17 December, 2017 at Sihanouk Ville, attended by all FUTABA staff. The main purpose of the event was to show the achievement within 2017 as well as the history of establishment of FUTABA, and to thank to all FUTABA staff family for their great effort and commitment on work during the year.

Ph.D CHAP Ratana, Advisor to CEO, stated that he was delighted to see that FUTABA had progressively grown including the growth rate of employee, the business operational area expansion, and the creativeness of products and services in accordance with the mission and vision, which was to be the leading financial institution in Cambodia to help improve the living standard of the current and new generation as well as to provide the honest financial service truth to small and medium size of industries and individuals with sustainable market to help contribute social activities.

Mr. PREAP Kandoeng, Assistant CEO, presented all staff with general information of FUTABA Microfinance Plc., such as Organizational Chart, financial healthy, and future strategic plan. Moreover, he shared his knowledge and experiences making FUTABA growing with good achievement as present. Meanwhile, he suggested and hoped that all FUTABA staff would work hard with strong commitment in order to bring FUTABA to further success and growing bigger and bigger in the future.

In addition, Mr. UM Piseth, Assistant CEO, summarized the outcome of the business achievement within 2017 and the 5 years-strategic plan for 2018-2022. As of November 30, 2017 there were 86 employees, female 33 and male 53, working in Head Quarter and other 4 branch offices "province-city" included Head Office branch, Tuol Kouk branch, Pur Senchey branch, and Chbar Mon branch. Given a performance report, there were 595 active clients with loan portfolio USD 10,034,314, and Portfolio at Risk (PAR) 0%, under controlled by 19 Credit Officers. That figure showed the positive trend of progressing operation of FUTABA from year to year. He also stated that FUTABA would be developed with good products and services for valuable clients in the near future, i.e. both clients and FUTABA had the same dream "Dreams come true!"

In the auspicious occasion of the workshop, the workshop committee also prepared special programs such as top branch achievement award handling, Letter of praise to Credit Officer and long serving staff, staff promotion, lucky draw, and the solidarity with FUTABA's staff family.